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Our company has had a national footprint in the security

world for over 20 years, based in South Jersey.


Now, we offer our professional, reliable security and logistics services to your emerging business and ensure that your critical infrastructure, cash and personnel are safe and secure at all times.

About Us

ERS Security Group uses a proprietary process for the planning, tracking and management of security and logistics within, and related to, the Cannabis industry.

We personally recruit our personnel for their professionalism, discretion, operational security awareness, and vetted real-world experience. We only hire the most qualified candidates. Our entire management team consists of highly decorated former law enforcement and military personnel from the special operations. They understand security, and the need for it in the world of the Cannabis industry, like no other.



"At Restore Integrative Wellness Center, we pride ourselves on helping clients feel safe and secure. That's why we value our relationship with ERS! Their site security services were invaluable during the recent civil unrest. At the same time, they provide friendly and professional security services every day that make clients comfortable when they shop in our dispensaries. ERS also provides reliable transportation services for cash and product, even providing change service so we have smaller bills for our customers who pay with cash. Working with ERS makes operating our dispensary much easier. Thank you!" 

- Vipul Patel, Restore Integrative Wellness Center

Where We Operate

We're currently servicing companies in NJ, PA, DE, MD, DC, OH and NY.


Soon, you'll find us in other states

like FL, MA, IL, MI and MN. 

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